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QUESTION #1 Is Freemasonry a Religion


Generally, the Freemason will inform anyone who asks, that his organization is not a religion. Thus, there would be no problem with any church affiliations, because joining the Masons is not joining “another church.”

Recently many newspapers carried an insert entitled, Freemasonry – A Way of Life. The insert stated, “Masonry is NOT a religion in any sense of the word, yet it is religious. Church membership is not a requirement, yet membership in ANY church is no bar to admission. There is nothing in the requirements of Masonry to prevent a Catholic, a Mohammedan, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Protestant, a Mormon, or any member of any religion from becoming a member.” (The Question of Freemasonry, Computers for Christ). Dr. Richard Thorn, a 32 degree Mason writes, “Masonry says that it is not a religion. An honest interpretation of the teachings of Freemasonry will show that instead of teaching men what to believe, men are simply asked to put the religion they already have, when they become a Mason, into everyday practice” (“Fundamentalist & Freemason,” The Northern Light, Vol. 25 No. 3 August, 1994, p. 9). Many similar statements are given by those involved in Freemasonry, and likely many believe it. But are they correct in their conclusion that Freemasonry is not a religion? Let’s investigate and see what we uncover.

  • The Definition of “religion”

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