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I got this article Christian TV special being stifled from OneNewNow.Com which is a part of The American Family Association (AFA)

After being busy on other projects and not posting on this blog for sometime,,, I felt compelled to do something I have never done before,,, write about homosexuality and it’s inherent social consequences.

As a person who loves to do online ministry, I was highly concerned when Macgregor Ministries (Keith and Lori Macgregor’s apologetics site) in Canada was shut down by the Canadian government under their new hate speech laws. Lori Macgregor said “Canada is no longer a Christian nation,” and she also said. “And watch out America!”

Then I WAS REALLY ALARMED when I had to post these two articles that show an American online ministry being shutdown. Get this,,, by another American ministry. Well actually as the title shows it was a “Purpose Driven Church” shutting down one of it’s critics. **Saddleback “Apologist” huts Down Purpose Driven Critic**   Poof! Apprising Ministries Online is Now Dark**

SO HERE I GO writing about homosexuality. WHY? Well cause the hour long film called Silencing Christians was well worth my time,,,, as I don’t watch TV because I think it is a social engineering tool,, so I am uninformed to some things. I listen to Jay Sekulo and the American Center for Law and Justice sometimes,, so I am was already aware that Christians all over the country are being stifled in their beliefs, discriminated against and not being allowed to practice their beliefs openly. BUT this film made me aware that Christians are getting shot in churches by hate groups,,, yet we do not hear about this in any mainstream media,,, AND the move towards the implementation of more stringent Hate laws moves forward. These laws are basically drafted to,,,, as the apply title films says,, Silence Christians.

But really it is designed to,,,, as Lori Macgregor aptly predicted make “American a Non Christian Nation“. Listen to Obama,,,,, he says American already is,,, no longer a Christian nation.

SO WHILE I STILL CAN,,, I want to write my feelings about Homosexuality and encourage you to watch the MUST SEE FILM Silencing Christians. I promise,, it is likely to make you want to write about it,, while you still can,, also.

My experiences with homosexuality. I have not had any homosexual sexual experiences,,, but I have known a couple of guys who where homosexual. I will not used the social acceptable term Gay. Because we are being manipulated by the changing and desensitizing of terms.

Of The Homosexuals I have had in my life,,, one committed suicide and the other made me so uncomfortable with sexual innuendos that I had to dissolve the acquaintanceship. My high school friend named Allen shot himself. He was openly homosexual and I always thought it was a shame because just from looking at him,,, you would think he was quite the lady’s man. He never talked about being homosexual,,, but never denied it when it was brought up. After his suicide,, we (his friends) found out that his Dad was also gay. And was alleged to have habitually raped Allan.

15 years ago I was in Alcoholics Anonymous. I knew a guy named Brett. He too was openly Homosexual. Which my thought at the time was,,, hey what ever floats your boat man,, just don’t come on to me. Well he did. And I remember thinking,,, he can’t help him self,,, he was born that way.

From that last comment I would like to speak to any homosexuals that may read this. DO YOU KNOW WHY I dismissed my friends intrusive advances to his genetical predisposition? Because as a Member of AA. I was repeatedly told that I too was “JUST BORN THAT WAY”,, In reference to my alcoholism. The moniker “once an alcoholic,, always and alcoholic” is heard in every AA meeting you will go to. OR “Once a recovering addict,,always a recovering addict” if you go to other 12 step groups.

SO HERE I AM 15 YEARS LATER,,, I don’t drink anymore, I don’t even struggle with the urge. I am free to go get smashed today,, but I just don’t desire too. AND I no longer refer to or even think of myself as an alcoholic. AND I CAN GLADLY REPORT that I have also been delivered of the need for a daily AA meeting (sometimes in double and triple doses).


Well no,, I don’t think so. I prayer for healing and deliverance from my alcoholism for years. But still struggled. This is what happened.

Because I gave God the credit for my then current amount of sobriety time. I had an Old Man who was a Dry Drunk push me against the wall and tell me he was now my God,, and he was going to chop me down at the knees and build me back up,, he claimed that was his job. So I never went to another AA meeting again. That guy had been going 35 + yrs,, and it did him no good at all. He was just as mean as the day he walked in all them years ago.

So then I read a book called “Dropping Your Guard” by John Macarthur. It had a chapter called “Toxic People” After reading it I knew I had two handfuls of people in my life that needed to go. As I was still hanging around with some people from High School whom I should have not been hanging with. BUT I DID NOT listen to that voice inside and that urge to free myself from these “toxic people“. BUT IT IS FUNNY how life (or God) kinda gets it’s way and one by one those people fell from my good regards and I no longer hung out with them. I had a few that where really heard to get rid of, some of my very earliest friends from childhood. They called themselves alcoholics too. I had to go.

But It took a tragic event to completely shed my life of the influence of all those “Toxic people”. To be honest I fought tooth and nail to hang on to my old life,,, but God just wouldn’t have it. Slowly my acquaintances began to change. Little by little a new breed of folks came into my life. They actually try to lift me up.

SO DO YOU HAVE TOXIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE telling you that you was BORN THAT WAY? I remember when I used to relapse in AA and had to go fourth to get a new ‘DESIRE CHIP” It now occurs to me that,, for what ever reason,, I had a desire to be drink free,,, but I DID NOT really have a desire for a NEW LIFE. So Many ways I was trapped in my old lifestyle. But the biggest and strongest was those toxic people who where telling me I could never change. I was born that way.

I no longer believe my friend Brett was born gay,, and I longer think I was born an Alcoholic. And I don’t believe you are born any particular way. If we really want it,, we can change. God will help us to become New Creatures.


THIS FILM Silencing Christians is rather alarming. Here is a comment about it from a pro-homosexual site,,,,,,

“Man, I get so tired of hearing about “The Homosexual Agenda” like it is some agreed upon manifesto. Nobody can even decide how many gay people there are.”  


Google ENDA (employment non discrimination Act) and read up on the HATE LAWS.

CHRISTIANS,,,, IF you think there is no Homosexual agenda and that there is no hatred for Christians in this movement. Go to THIS SITE which does a mocking negative write up about the Christian movie and read the article and comments. Here is the very first one.

“Christians just can’t understand that their bible is no longer the final authority. If they would just stop trying to force their book down our throats we might be able to get along better.” Posted by Jesus Sucked **** on February 11, 2009 at 7:52 AM

CHRISTIANS,,, ARE WE NO LONGER A Christian nation? Are you doing anything to stem the tide? 


Silencing Christians


Read the BibleLawCourse lesson one to see that indeed America was founded as a Christian nation. Read lesson two  to see why IT IS NO LONGER TRUE that America is a Christian Nation.