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Tag Archives: Perez Hilton assaulted by Black Eyed Peas

Alright,,yeh,, I know. This is a Christian Apologetics Blog. So what am I posting a Perez Hilton video for? Well because Perez runs his mouth again and he got boom boom powwed for it!!!!!!! This video is a song about it.

I went to my friends blog and seen this post

It caused me to watch peoples response videos to the Perez and Black Eyed Peas incident. This was one of the best,,, if not the best I seen. SO I thought I would do my part to help make this video BIG ENOUGH FOR PEREZ TO HAVE TO SEE.

I sure hope this one goes viral!!! The only thing I want more,,, is to see a girl whoop up on Perez.

If that made you mad,,, maybe you should not watch the video,,cause Perez does curse allot in it. That might offend you too.

If you think that Perez getting the boom boom boom,,,, was a long time coming. You’ll enjoy the song and video.