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Tag Archives: is Mark 16:9-20 canonical

One of the arguments that the ending of Mark 16 is not original to the document is the argument from vocabulary. The following is a quick count and analysis of works in Mark 16:9-20.

However, other word are highly suspect also.

I have not concluded that the Long Ending (LE) was not inspired based upon my little word counting. This internal data raises “questions,” and that’s all. The external data is supportive. The content is also suggestive. These three, not one aspect alone, are all suggestive that the LE is not original to Mark. The definition of “questionable” words was “loose” on purpose. Its design, primarily, was to point out words that deserve a closer examination. It does not mean that these words are evidence against Marken authorship. It just means that these are the words that need to be examined in greater detail regarding this subject. That’s it. This list of hapax or near hapax’s is much more evidential in nature than the “questionable” list.

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