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PART 1 Exposing the Tic Toc/FINAL WORD Cult: My experience with Monica and Gary Dennington

Since I made the first post, that detailed my friend and my experience Monica and Gary Dennington, I have learned that asking people and families to move to Dallas to help them with their ministry is not a one time occurrence. In fact after making the post and the video, I have found out that they have asked at least two other families to move to Dallas and be a part of their group doing TV and ministry together.

I stated that the Denningtons asked my family and my friends family to move to Dallas in several video (about the Denningtons) comment areas, and I was contacted by a woman who chooses to remain anonymous. Her and her husband both are taking the stance that the Denningtons will get exposed without them. But I do not really think silence and apathy is acceptable to God or the body of Christ at large. Simply put. If someone hurts you,, it helps others if you tell your story. But because the couple wants to remain un-named, I will quote their email comments to me,,, but not name them.

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Back in January I made a radio show about the Word of Faith movement with ex-word of faith Pastor John Edwards of It was titled Special Topic: Are Word of faith believers Witches unaware? The “Prosperity Gospel” Economic Crisis? I was wanting to do a show showing that Word of Faith teachers are teaching witchcraft veiled in Christian terms. I ran across this video (Witches Unaware: Black Magic In The Church)  from Monica Dennington.

I used a 20 minute audio portion of the the video for the show. I contacted Monica and Gary Dennington to get their permission to use their radio clip since blogtalkradio is strict about everything being podsafe (legal).  After the radio show was over,, John did a post about the show from which we eventually started getting quite a few hits from. So many that I had to post this warning on the post.

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