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This first episode of ***THE WORD on the Word of Faith GROUP RADIO** was supposed to be an introduction show with myself and my co-host ex-word of faith pastor John Edwards from faith and

BUT he had to take care of some stuff and could not be there for the whole show. BUT THE LORD IS GOOD

We have 6 groupblog authors at

And our groupblog brother from India, Victor Norman (AKA blabitANDgrabit), called in and finished out the show with the Topic of Word of Faith Activities In India! <<- article here.

Victor reiterated many of the things he wrote in his article detailing the WoF invasion and explosion in INDIA. You will here stories of Rhema Bible Training Center BUYING THEIR WAY into India to hold the people hostage to their SEED FAITH LIE. You will here stories of coerced false testimonies of healing and that made Christianity as a while look bad there. Great healing crusades that done noting but harm and fleece. Victopr is a very strong speaker of truth. He describes himself as a reformed charismatic who is an ani-tither.

I mention that the legacy of the Word of faith is death and destroyed lifes. Victor stated something like,,,,,,,,, 

“This should not surprise us. What would wolves do? They KILL the sheep. It is characteristics of a wolf. Whereever a wolf goes it is guaranteed that it would kill the sheep. A Sheep is a food source of a Wolf. Likewise innocent Christians are food sources (resource) for wolves to live luxurious lives.”


Click the jumping radio to hear or download the show.

THE FIRST LIVE SHOW IS SCHEDULED ****for Jan6 @ 10pm**** –NOT 7pm–
Welcome to the first How2becomeAChristian.Info RADIO show on BlogTalkradio.
I met John about 1 ½ months ago when he commented on my blog. I was intrigued by his blog and video and started to reproduce some of his blogpost right away. Being a Rhema Bible Training Center graduate, Kenneth Hagin student and an ex-word of faith preacher, John has much to say about the word of faith movement. It has been about a years since john left the WoF and he has blogged daily at his blog,,, Johns blog has the making a very good book. Take a look and tell me what you think.
I have interviewed John once and will interview him a second time before the LIVE show here on BlogTalkRadio. The other interviews are available at and 

The show will feature questions and answering session to John Edwards and the show host Damon Whitsell. John has a passion for helping folks so why not join us and ask some questions and invite your Word of Faith friends to listen and join in.

*****Don’t forget to request for a SHOW REMINDER email at the page link above, reminding you the day of the show will air!*****

There is large amount of information on the WoF @



COME Join in the LIVE BlogTalkRadio Christian Apologetics Discussion Show, How2BecomeAChristian.Info RADIO w/Damon Whitsell on Tuesday nights @ 10PM central time. Starting Jan. 6 2009.

The show features special guest in the field of Christian apologetics and other Christian fields of study, thought and practice. You can call in @ (347) 215-6795 when the show is on air, and participate or chat with other listeners in an interactive chat room. Come state your beliefs or defend them. Ask questions, ir your grievances or just say Hello. The live Shows will also be archived for listening, downloading and podcasting at BTR. Click the BTR LOGO button. Hope to see you there! There are also RADIO SHOWS that are not available at BTR. Check out our other H2bac.Info RADIO media distribution site at the flashing logo, for shows that cannot be aired at BTR. Don’t forget to sign up for show email reminders at BTR, and Check out the sister sites!!!

Damon Whitsell, H2bac.Info (with a numeral 2) Ministries


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