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I am a member of the Cult News Network operated by Rick Ross @

Rick also has a “hate group page” at one of his sites that is loaded with information @

***CHECK THIS OUT a list of 602 active hate groups***

The Cult News Network is a real good site where people submit cult related NEWS articles and you can go there to find out a lot of the current happenings in the Kingdom of the Cults.. Every once in a while they have some articles about the KKK and other racist hate groups. BUT SINCE THE ELECTION there has been many more articles about that subject because it seems many of the ignorant rednecks of this country are showing their behinds. Don’t get upset at me, I am a redneck too, so don’t be offended that I label a group of people rednecks, rather be offended that I seek to offend the ignorant.

In my opinion, someone who could hate another person strictly on the basis of skin color, is the most ignorant and vile among human beings. We all got the same blood. We all have souls. We all have pains and hurts. And everybody is somebody’s loved one.

You may be surprised though how prevalent Racism is among Christian cults. You got the Mormons that say Blacks are those that remained neutral in the alleged great controversy over who would be Savior, Jesus or Lucifer. So the white and delightsome skin of the typical Mormon Family shows that they chose not to be neutral in this mere fantasy of Mormonism. Supposedly, according to Joseph Smith and many other Mormon leaders. The Mormon temple and the Mormon priesthood would be desecrated and it would cause God great anger if a Black person ever entered either into the temple or the priesthood. But as with most controversial Mormon Doctrines, the idea that blacks are cursed by God has been changed.

There is actually a verse in the bible that mentions white and delightsome skin. The Book of Mormon mentions the term also. BUT ANOTHER GROUP TO USE IT IS Arnold Murray and the Shepard Chapel. But they take hate, stupidity and Racism to another level. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM, in their mind, it is a simple answer why. They believe when the bible says that Adam and eve partook of the Apple, that they had literal sex with and offspring of Satan. So your labeled a “seed of Satan” and disregarded as one of the devils offspring. I have spent over 10 yrs online debating Christian Doctrine. AND HAVE NEVER met a group more hateful. They are regular haters too. They hate anyone that is not “white and delightsome”. Some fools will even say that NOT being white and delightsome is the curse of Cain.

Arnold Murray is small part of a bigger Christian Identity movement. Where groups basically use Christianity and the bible to justify and perpetuate their hate and racism. BOY THEY HATE THE JEWS TOO. They are never hesitant to mention the “synagogue of Satan” mentioned twice in revelations,,, and point to it saying that it is talking about Jews. BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!! It says they are NOT really Jews just pretending to be.

There is allot of Radial hate that is said to be Christian. These groups use a sorry cloak of Christianity and the Bible for their own pretenses and pre-text.

I thought and prayed about whether to post the link’s to these articles or not. I decided to do so because I strongly believe that if our economy tanks on Obama’s watch, there are many groups and people who will use that to perpetuate racism, hate and stupidity. I believe there are groups of people in this world who would love nothing more than to see race riots and massive problems over racial issues. WHY, because if they can amplify the problem. _people will think that someone needs to provide a solution. AND THAT SOLUTION COULD BE,,,,, WORLD WIDE LAWS,, A WORLD WIDE COURT AND ENFORCEMENT GROUP.

SO I decided to go ahead an post this article and these links so that we can all see that some of us rednecks in this country are already misbehaving just because we elected a black man.

So if you know someone who is a racist. DO THE WORLD A FAVOR,,,, AND TELL THEM HOW STUPID THAT IS.





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For the past five years this ministry has received occasional inquires about Arnold Murray of Gravette, Ark. It seems that his message is blanketing the Delaware Valley through his “Shepherd’s Chapel” television show seen several times a day on various stations, including on Channel 61 Wilmington/Philadelphia.

We were at first put off by his television attitude that is marked by frequent insults and crass language. He thunders against people who write him letters ( all delivered while he sits behind a desk in front of an American flag). We were also surprised by the strength and loyalty of his following; he is on the air in numerous major markets throughout the U.S.

But, his outward behavior is merely a symptom of his heretical doctrine. The message Arnold Murray is spreading is cultic and lethal to one’s soul. And from an earthly perspective his teachings promote bigotry against Jews, blacks and all non-Anglo-Saxon people. This contrasts markedly with the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance (Gal. 5:22-23).

So beware of Arnold Murray. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and though he may rant and rave against historic orthodox teachers saying they don’t know their Bibles, he is the one who doesn’t know his Bible.


  • Denies the historic doctrine of the Trinity.
  • Believes that men were once gods who existed prior to living on the earth.
  • Teaches the divisive doctrine promoted by other cults that the Anglo-Saxons are the chosen race, and America and Great Britain are the lost tribes of the children of Israel.
  • Denies the existence of hell.
  • Claims the doctrine of the rapture is “cultic.”
  • Bestows a special honor on himself, claiming to be God’s exclusive end time messenger for the world.
  • Falsely claims to have a doctorate degree from a properly accredited university or seminary.

But the core of his teaching centers around the sinister “serpent seed” doctrine that has been linked to various identity “Christian” and right-wing neo-nazi groups. What this doctrine teaches is that in the Garden of Eden, Eve’s sin was that of having literal sexual intercourse with the serpent, which resulted in the pregnancy that produced Cain; the devil’s literal offspring.

Murray says the descendants of this offspring are the “Kenites,” a hybrid that include the Jews of today. These were the “Jews” who killed Christ, he has stated in his tape called “Grace: Baptism,” adding that “if you have ever really believed that group was the chosen of God you were deceived by Satan!”

In the same tape Murray teaches that even among Christians the different races should have no fellowship.

But Paul says in Gal. 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Express your outrage to any television station that carries Murray and his evil message.