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cooltext405837108bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb2" (with a numeral 2) Ministries" main purpose is to honor and glorify the biblical historical Jesus Christ. To do this, the ministry takes a stand for the historical orthodox Christian faith and


DNA proves the Book of Mormon to be false!!!

So Joel Osteen says Mormons are Christians, But what do Mormons say about Christianity?

17 Little Known Facts About the Mormons

17 Little Known Facts About Mormons: A response and counter response by PART 1 FACTS 1-9

17 Little Known Facts About Mormons: A response and counter response by PART 2 FACTS 1O-17

Are Mormon and Christian beliefs the same?

The Mormon Testimony: does your bossom burn?

A logical proof that Mormonism is false!

10 of the Lies I Told as a Mormon Missionary by Loren Franck

WHY DO WE OPPOSE MORMONISM? by Berean Christian Ministries

RARE AUDIO SERMON: What Mormons won’t tell you at your door w/Article

Mormon Missionaries Instructed in the Art of Deception VIDEO

What’s the Deal With Mormons Baptizing Dead People

Did The Early Church Believe Mormon Teachings on the Nature of God?

Mormon Exaltation, Theosis, Apotheosis and INTENTIONAL MORMON DECIET: by Damon Whitsell

FIVE QUESTIONS ON MORMONISM and The Disappointment of B. H. Roberts

Answering Mormon Bible Challenges by Correcting Their Misuse of Scripture

Witnessing to Mormons. NEWS FLASH: Appeals court rules that Mormon Church is outside of the Protestant Christian faith

(Mormonism and ) ANOTHER JESUS? By Ed Decker

How Does the Mormon Church Really View other Churches?

Mormonism, Original Sin, and the ancient heresy of Pelagianism

DEBATE: Is Mormonism Christianity VIDEO? Van Hale and Dr. Walter Martin

A Refutation of the Mormon Doctrine of the “Eternal Mother


LDS: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Internet by CARM

MORMONSIM EXPLAINED by Dr. Andrew Jackson: Book Review, Quotes, and INTERVIEW with the Author

Occultic and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism

Mormonism and “That’s Just His Opinion”

Questions all Mormons should ask themselves: BY Contender Ministries 



If all Mormons are Christians, then all Christians are Mormon by

ANSWERING MORMONISM: Was the true Church lost through a “Great Apostasy”?

LDS Leaders Define Their Concept of JESUS CHRIST By Sandra 

Is Mormonism Christian ?

Anti-Mormon: The Mormon N-Word w/Are Mormons ANTI-Christian? VIDEO

MORMON CLAIMS ANSWERED Chapter 4: Is the Bible a Trustworthy, Complete and Accurate Translation?

Mormonism on the FALL of man: FALLING UPWARD by

Christian Grace vs Mormon Grace

The Mormon Temple Ritual, SECRET OR “SACRED” ?: Revisions, Changes and Ommisions

Mormon Dilemmas by Damon Whitsell

Dr. Ironside Meets With Two Mormon Missionaries: What Is the Gospel?

Demonic Names in the Book of Mormon: w/LDS Apologist Denies Book of Mormon Video

Mormons Hope to Become Gods of Their Own Worlds (Quotes from LDS Leaders) By Sandra Tanner

The Book of Mormon

How Joseph Smith created an illegal bank and stole thousands of dollars

Mormon Theosis (EXALTATION) is NOT Eastern Orthodox Theosis (God Imitation), Rather it is LUCIFERIANISM: THE RELIGION OF APOTHEOSIS

A TRIBUTE TO MORMON APOLOGIST: Inside the minds of LDS apologists – An examination of their tactics, thought patterns and regurgitation skills

BOOK REVIEW: Early Mormonism and the Magic World View by Former Mormon Professer D. Michael 

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