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cooltext405837108bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb2" (with a numeral 2) Ministries" main purpose is to honor and glorify the biblical historical Jesus Christ. To do this, the ministry takes a stand for the historical orthodox Christian faith and doctrine.cooltext4050364321

You can turn the slideshow song OFF or ON with the small speaker Icon on the slideshow player. ALL MATERIAL created by Damon Whitsell is Licensed for your FREE USE.

Please help yourself to anything on this page. 

BLIND EYES: Free conspiracy song by Damon Whitsell 



The Heresy of Restorationsim by Damon Whitsell

Suicide and salvation. By Damon Whitsell

What is Justification? Is Justification

Question: The “Church of Christ”, CULT or just heretical? By Damon Whitsell

The “ONE TRUE CHURCH” by Damon Whitsel

The “Church of Christ” is not the “one true church”! It is a Cult. By Damon Whitsell

Word Faith Movement heresies on GOD, in their own words (audio clips) BY

RARE AUDIO SERMON: What Mormons won’t tell you at your door w/Article

Practicing Kabbalah. is a religion! By Damon Whitsell

Water salvation/baptismal regeneration reduced to absurdity BY Damon Whitsell

34,000 differing denominations or Unity Within Diversity UNITY IN ESSENTIALS by Damon Whitsell

Universalist Paradox/Dilemma by Damon Whitsell

CULT UNITY By Damon whitsell

Mormon Dilemmas by Damon Whitsell

150+ Verses Proving Justification by Faith Alone: by J.B. Hixson, Th.M.

Belief in OSAS does not = license to sin

PUTTING GOD IN A BOX , the result of the personification of the bible as the Holy Spirit. By Damon Whitsell

17 Little Known Facts About Mormons: A response and counter response by PART 1 FACTS 1-9

17 Little Known Facts About Mormons: A response and counter response by PART 2 FACTS 1O-17 


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ALL MATERIAL CREATED by Damon Whitsell is licensed FOR YOUR FREE USE under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at How2BecomeAChristian/


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