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I will be writing this page as soon as I can, Come Back soon.


    • james kieferdorf
    • Posted July 4, 2010 at 11:59 pm
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    Thanks for your ministry. Speaking of word faith, I have contacted Joyce Meyer asking how one can be on staff at her ministry, and at the same time be a leader in a church that denies the deity of our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Trinity. This church has the same Jesus as The Way International Cult, and it’s off-shoots. Meyers ministry does affirm the doctrine of the Trinity. Dr Robert Sumner will have an article in his upcoming Biblical Evangelist Journal. We exposed 8 time dove award winner Joel Hemphill. He has concerts in Christian churches, while denying the deity of Christ, and the Holy Trinity in print and on tape. I have noticed his attacks on the deity of Christ, and the Holy Trinity on 4 anti-deity of Christ sites What a shame. Blessings, James

    • Ryan Manning
    • Posted January 5, 2011 at 5:17 am
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    I came across your website by means of and I must say I was very disturbed by some of the remarks you had to make about the Church of Christ, in regards to what we believe and practice. I would care to discuss these issues with you. I would like to discuss the remarks you made about us being a cult, the Holy Spirit, and so forth. My e-mail address is:
    We can also speak by telephone.
    Ryan Manning

  1. i’m no longer doing coc apologetics, been doing word of faith for 2 years and now islam

  2. Dear Damon,
    Thanks for your infant baptism expose. Just one question. How is it possible Baal priests “christened” when Christ was still two thousand years later. So they would nor even know the term?

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