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See 2:35-3:45
In this sermon titled “Dealing With False Teachers”, Dr. Stanley warns us about the dangers of false teachers, how they’re becoming more and more prevalent every day and how the Bible warns that this very thing would happen in the last days.

In Part 3, Dr. Stanley discusses some of the most common false teachings that are being taught today. He also tells how to best equip ourselves to recognize such false teachings.

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  1. Having being a victim of evil mastermanipulation tactics to diabolical extort people of extroadinary worth, I am busy authoring a book.People with Gods sovereign plans and purposes violently violated and abuses for the extortion of the crown, the throne ,the blood diamond.The continual judgements of God on the world as a result of evil rulers bent on the destruction of other peoples sons or daughters and promoting the titles for their blood related sons and daughter. The world now a desolate place, damage now equivalent to a world word at the hands of corrupt, fraudulent, lying and deceiving rulers.Expoing these people.Kenneth and Gloria Copelane.

  2. Felicity Gibson email Please comment or expose these attrocies,because I am compiling a reference ,index bibliograph of such offenses for my book for the purpose of educating the public of malpractise in christian churches

  3. Helo Felicity,, thanks for standing up for the truth and against this heresy. I am so glad to hear you are going to write a book about it. Best of Blessings on that!!!

    I run a groupblog that focuses on the Word of Faith Movement Called “THE WORD on the Word of Faith”. I think will help you tremendously.

    May the Lord Bless you in your endeavor!!!

    • Lloyd Swanson
    • Posted November 24, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    • Permalink

    I don’t believe i am an adoliter if i don’t listen to a pastor
    many churches are cults they have a terrible history
    support of missionaries have led to abuse of Aka kids
    look at all the Indian kids murdered by the churches during
    the Indian Residential school era

    • Sharyn
    • Posted November 5, 2015 at 1:30 am
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    Please explai or defend your son pastor stanley. I don’t like hearing that something is wrong with you because your son is sketchy and you condone it. It hurts your platform and much more importantly, it hurts the name of Jesus which gives pleasure to the enemy and helps to keep those blinded to the truth of who Jesus Christ is completely blinded and ultimately not saved which will cause them to go to hell after they die . No hope after that, and eternity separated from God isn’t worth the silence of what could be said about the truth of your son if he is in error of the scriptures and you not address it for your audience. We all know that we will stand before God individually, but turning a deaf ear to what is being said by your son is wrong on your behalf because of your platform as a true believer in Jesus Christ. We have far too many false teachers out there in the name of Jesus that will pay the consequences for all eternity if they don’t see speak God’s 100% truth, therefore we have to stand up for the truth even if it is our own children living and representing lies. It is a matter of life and death for all eternity. We need pastor stanley and tony evans in these perils times when the enemy is alive and well and working through those who are willing to compromise there so called faith in the name of the prosperity gospel, being blinded by the enemy because they are false prophets. The bible says that this will happen, so we shouldn’t be surprised, however, we shouldn’t condone it either. If we are ashamed of the true gospel of Jesus Christ on this earth, God will be ashamed of us when we stand before him. Scripture is clear on that.

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