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Back in January I made a radio show about the Word of Faith movement with ex-word of faith Pastor John Edwards of It was titled Special Topic: Are Word of faith believers Witches unaware? The “Prosperity Gospel” Economic Crisis? I was wanting to do a show showing that Word of Faith teachers are teaching witchcraft veiled in Christian terms. I ran across this video (Witches Unaware: Black Magic In The Church)  from Monica Dennington.

I used a 20 minute audio portion of the the video for the show. I contacted Monica and Gary Dennington to get their permission to use their radio clip since blogtalkradio is strict about everything being podsafe (legal).  After the radio show was over,, John did a post about the show from which we eventually started getting quite a few hits from. So many that I had to post this warning on the post.

“An addendum to this post: We get quit a few hits to our site by people searching for the name Monica Dennington. IT SHOULD BE STATED that since this post was made Tic Toc Ministries, and Monica and Gary Dennington has become to be known by this blogs administrator to be a very dangerous group. Please beware of these people. They are very cult like. I have personal experience dealing with them and I have determined they should be avoided. So much so that as soon as I get time,, I will be doing some exposure work on Tic Toc and Monica and Gary. Damon Whitsell”

After we did the radio show. John visited the Denningtons sites and talked to them on the phone. And kept telling me that they wanted to talk to me also,,, but I was so swamped and not feeling well that I did not call them for two weeks. I had what I thought was a great talk with Gary. So I watched some more of their videos but was concerned about what I saw. Then John contacted me and said that the Dennintgons was asking us to move to Dallas,,,, to help them with their TV network and do some TV shows. I was really appalled that someone would ask two families to move to help them out. Two people who they really did not know. BUT still they asked two families to move. I immediately thought about how that was a very cult like thing to do. I would never ask anyone to move to help me with my ministry. BUT THEN AGAIN,,, it is clear to me that Monica feels she has a divine call to “clean up the body of Christ” to facilitate His return. How sad it is to believe that Jesus cannot return unless WE first clean his church (body) up. Like he cannot clean his own body. Did He not say there would be tares among the wheat and goats among the sheep?

I watched more videos of the Denningtons and became convinced that Monica is a false teacher that is  charismatic and regularly plays on all the charismatic stereotypes about non charismatics. I wanted to do a video refuting some of her teaching. especially the one called  The Key To God’s Secrets: A Message To Students And Teachers. In which she shows just how Anti-Intellectual and Anti-denominational she is. These are both two aspects that all cults share.

Before My concern turned to alarm,, I contacted Gary again because while I was not going to move anywhere, I thought maybe we could still do word of faith exposure TV together over the web. BUT I have had many bad experiences with charismatics and expressed my concerns to Gary that if I was to develop a working relationship with them, in some form or fashion, that I needed assurance that I would not receive the same kind of treatment from them or anyone in their group. Gary promised to contact me after the launch of their network (I had already told him I would not move but could maybe work together somehow),,, but he did not do so. In the video below,,, I read portions of my letter to the Denningtons expressing my concerns.

Most things in this article and video can be verified by John Edwards at

This video and article was made as a warning about Monica and Gary Dennington,,,, because I believe that they are aspiring to make Monica a cult of personality based around her alarmism and disdain for DENOMINATIONALISM. Please bookmark this blog and come back,,,,, as after I get through setting up a few self hosted wordpress blogs for this ministry,,, I pray I will be able to examine and refute some of the TICTOC cults false teachings.

Monica has embarked on a series of videos against Calvinism. AND WHILE I HAVE NEVER REFERRED TO MYSELF AS A CALVINIST,, I am very Calvinistic,,, but not a Calvinist. Simply because I do not believe in all the tenets of Calvinism,, especially hyper or 7 point Calvinism. BUT I am almost a Calvinist. So I thought I would include the video that I think is the best refute against her anti-Calvinist stance,, in which she calls for all non Calvinist to disown and disregard Calvinist as NOT REAL CHRISTIANS,, and therefore should be dis-fellowshiped from and considered “not a part of the real body of Christ”.

There is 4 things I would like to stick in your head after you read this.

1. Do not contact the Denningtons,,, they might ask you and your family to move.

2. Gary said twice,,,, that he would contact me back about my email,, and never did,,, nor did they respond to my subsequent responses.

3. Monica teaches salvation only comes to the obedient,, and yet does the scripture not say that lying is a sin? Then why did they twice lie to me? And can they be saved?

4. TIC TOC ministries is a dangerous group,,, that should be avoided because it is a cult in the making. Not only a sociological cult,, but also a false doctrinal based pseudo Christian Cult.

Damon Whitsell,

Manager, How2BecomeAChristian Apologetics Network

Part 2 Exposing the Tic Toc/FINAL WORD Cult: Others Experiences with the Denningtons


Here we have a non-Calvinist radio station who found Monica Dennington’s recent diatribe against Calvinism so ridiculous that they decided to review it and hold it to Scripture even though they don’t agree with Calvinism. I think Chris Rosebrough did a wonderful job even though we disagree on Calvinism. If you want a good refutation of Tic Toc Ministry’s video, I’m not sure if you’ll find much better. While you listen to this, be sure to keep in mind that this is a *non-Calvinist* reviewing Dennington’s video.

As I’ve pointed out earlier, here Ms. Dennington argues that arguing is wrong, presents her theological view with the intention that you agree with it that if we agree with another’s theological view, we’re committing idolatry, and says that division is wrong while encouraging her viewers to divide themselves from “this error of Calvinism.” etc.

(This video falls under section 107 of the Fair Use Law. You can find more about it here:…
If anyone has any notion that they’d like to have this removed based primarily on the claim of copyright infringement, be forewarned that I’m ready to fight it. This is clearly an example of material used for the purpose of critique which falls under section 107.)

Mrs. Dennington’s original video would be linked here if Fighting for the Faith did not review the entire video from start to finish.

Here’s the link to Pirate Christian Radio:

Fighting for the Faith:

Link to the show:…


    • selene
    • Posted August 8, 2010 at 5:28 am
    • Permalink

    I am curious, you have this lengthy article denouncing the Dennington’s, but you, like so many others, donot list specifics, such as what they are doing wrong and scripture corrections.
    also, how does them wanting you to move to help them out make them a cult???? help me out here!

  1. i do ministry with pople all around the world,, through communication online. only people gathering a following ask people to move their families.

    • Michael L.
    • Posted May 17, 2011 at 12:30 pm
    • Permalink

    I came across you blog, because I had an uneasy feeling about Monica, and I wanted to see the man behind the Woman. I am not convinced they are on the right path, I hope and pray that God will redirect them if they infact are not. I suggest you are careful my friend. Sometimes what we think God has told US to tell others is only a message for ourself.

    Michael Levand

  2. Thanks Mike,, they are not on the right path. I looked at them and their doctrine enough to be comfortable to say that.

    Perhaps it is YOU that should be careful and that what YOU think God has told YOU to tell me is only for yourself.

    You can trust that I was careful and prayerful before I made my post about Monica and Gary.

    Take good care,

    • Michael L.
    • Posted May 18, 2011 at 4:08 pm
    • Permalink

    Fair enough! In that case, I am concerned for the women and the babes IN Christ that would be easily deceived by her proper portioning of the truth with her woefully misguided and infinitely destructive agenda. I watched one video of hers (Monica) (2) times. The video is titled “women in the church: the contradiction” In this video she makes notes to very sound biblical doctrine “the word of God is inerrant” comes to mind… Then she teaches how scripture (according to her)shows that women of the bible did have authority over men, (of the Church?) Does one being a profit give them authority over the king? So it is clear to me that this woman is Very smooth at preying on the (likewise) WEAKER and less mature vessels. I am sure however (without watching more of there trash videos) that they are very crafty, and their target “Market” more broad (no pun intended). It would seem that Tic Toc Ministries will perish. While the True Believer in Christ Jesus Lives.

    Yours Truly,

    Michael Levand

  3. Thank you Micheal for the comment. I too am concerned for the babes In Christ. If I had time I would go back and offer some refutation of their truth laden error because not everyone is discerning enough to see it would require a woman who is doing ministry on the level she is to make make justifying teachings to qualify her ministry. From my talks with Gary it seem he is the one in charge and Monica is the personality and charisma. But I can say that there are many people who refuted her doctrinally and a friend even made a blog and YT page just for the purpose of exposing her. I am not wrried about Tic Toc perishing but rather those who may fall for her “come on you guy” type alarmist evangelism, and that she likes to get down on TBN to suck people in makes me sick even though I call it the The Blasphemy Network,, it is just a ruse and a lure. I don’t know about now but at one point they had amassed quite a following with 3 families I met, and others, moving to Dallas. I pray they do fall and God people are protected. THANKS

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