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As the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is nearing and the age is also closing in on the schemes of satan – he is working fast around the human clock to spread his deceptions and heresies.

While it is evidently quite difficult for Satan to lure believers into heinous sinful activities – he’s found other means of getting to them right from their pulpits. He is using the means of heresies and even heretic preachers to divert Christians from their primary mission – God.

The Word of Faith Movement has been at the very front of promoting doctrines or teachings that are nowhere taught in Scripture. These men and women distort many passages of the Bible to propagate their own ideas rather than the clearly revealed Word of God.

Click on the picture to download your free 60-page PDF Ebook!



  1. Please check for the updated ebook of “Heresy Unmasked” or let me know so I may forward it to you. I don’t charge any money for the material and you may check up for some on my blogspot above.

    Remain blessed.

    • damon
    • Posted January 21, 2010 at 10:36 pm
    • Permalink

    Thank you Basilius for making your e-book available for free. It is a good one. I sent it to a friend and he really liked it allot. So did I.

    I will take a look for the new version and get it posted soon. I will let you know if I do not find it at your blog. THANKS AGAIN

    • Theodolfine Mbaumba
    • Posted April 10, 2010 at 12:15 am
    • Permalink

    Thanx brother Kasera, for your eye opening document to the Namibian people.
    May God bless you. It really opened my eyes.

    From your sister.[Evangelical Bible church]

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