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Cherie is the author of the Word of faith NO MORE blog.

I gave my life to the Lord in August of 1999. My best friend attended Word of Faith Christian Center in Michigan and led me in the prayer of repentance and into the WoF movement. I was living in California at the time and her Bishop had established churches all over the world. She led me to one of his churches on the west coast and that’s pretty much how it began. I also started to watch TBN and other networks in order to be “fed.” I wasn’t raised in the church and had no biblical foundation so everything that I learned in WoF I thought was the truth. I must admit that I sensed that something was wrong from the beginning. Never the less I continued to attend the faith church and basically thought everything that I experienced was normal.

2004- I attended the laypersons bible school that was established by the church. They took the curriculum from RHEMA and modeled the school after it. Our Bishop graduated from RHEMA and all of his children went there. He in turn established a Bible Training Center in Southfield Michigan which has educated thousands of pastors who are now pastoring his various churches. I considered attending RHEMA or BTC but I did not.

2006-God began to open my eyes to the falseness. Everything seemed wrong. The people were SO focused on the pastor and his family. An air of celebrity surrounded them that seemed totally idolatrous. I didn’t have any true biblical foundation so I didn’t know that the teachings were wrong, but knew that something was. I started to hear from demonic spirits. Familiar spirits were constantly tormenting me and trying to put their words in my mouth. I lived in a constant state of wondering if I was hearing from God, the devil or myself. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I would have bombarding thoughts of suicide that were so bad I would cry all night and want to die. The scariest thing Victor is that I KNEW that I was hearing from familiar spirits. I was so confused and blamed it on what I thought was my call, and was on my way to becoming a false prophet. Since I believed that I was a prophet, I looked in the bible and found that many of the Old Testament prophets suffered from emotional issues. John the Baptist seemed quite out of his mind. Reading these things in the word confirmed that I wasn’t crazy I was just a prophet. I was very deceived.

2007-I met my husband at a Methodist ministry that we both worked for. He had never heard of Word of Faith because he is very orthodox and he didn’t watch TV at the time. Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Keith Butler, etc… were all new to him. He had no idea that this movement had penetrated the body of Christ because he was rooted and grounded in the truth.

2008-I married my husband and left WoF. God used him to bring me out of the Faith movement. He was very patient with me during the process of me being de-programmed. It was VERY difficult for me. I felt like I was betraying my family by leaving, even though I have not confronted my former pastor and they knew I was leaving to start a ministry with my husband. God used my husband to reveal all of the errors in WoF and he taught me the truth. We are now both working on our Masters in theology.

We still consider ourselves Pentecostal, however I think we can best be described as open but cautious. This is the short version of my WoF testimony.

In Christ,


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