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This was written in response to many post (which where basically just links to universalist site material) made in a MSN group by a Universalist named Rodger (associated with

If you will listen to what Universalist Rodger says, he says,, “Even though I was and am trusting for my salvation in what Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection, through the power in the blood of His cross, I was, and still am unable to love a god who would let anyone suffer forever.”

I could not find the quote but he also says that anyone who does not believe “as he does for pardon of sins” is of the hook anyway. So how can he trust in Jesus for his sins and dedicate his life, as he has, to telling others not to do the same because it matters not? He does not realize that when a person steps into the realm of biblical teaching he should so with great discernment because of the higher level of accountability and yes judgment for all teachers of religious or God’s truth.

And His dilemma is the bible itself. It speaks for itself and not many sit down for the first time to read it and walk away with the conclusion of universalism because the whole point of the bible is anti/ universal. Jesus is the only name by which we MUST be saved. He is the only savior and he settled the wrath of God by his propitiating atonement redemptive death on the cross.

Rodger wants everyone to believe that God sent his Son to die and incur our wrath and appease the righteous judgment of God through his death, but that anyone and everyone will be saved anyway.

Why does Rodger set his own criteria for the worthiness of God for our love? IE, “I cannot love a God that”,,,, As finite created beings, are we worthy to say if our creator is worthy of love or not regardless of how he acts and what he chooses to do, and his criteria for us to be reconciled to him.

Mr. Universalist/Mr. Rodger. Why did Jesus die? Why did he have to die???????????

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