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In case you have not noticed I would like to point out to you that universalism is not Christian at all. But rather the one world religion of the coming anti-Christ/pantheist and new age system of religion. And universalism as with all the above stated, is really anti Christian. No matter how much someone may tout tolerance to and for all.

Pantheism is a religious belief in MONISM and the divinity of all things. It seeks to absorb all other religious systems besides biblical Christianity because the two are incompatible. The new age is really a revival of pantheistic paganism from way back to Egypt and Babylon. The NWO is a religious, political and financial system that is currently in place to offer it’s power thrones to the antichrist when he gets here. ( Spare me any debate on the antichrist right now to make this point). They all have the same conclusions and the only real difference is that the one world order religion will replace all these absorbed into universalism and replace it with a luciferian religion of luciferian worship and sacrifice towards the unholy one.. Do yourself a favor and Google “David Spangler, luciferian initiation” and see for yourself that ALL of our governments all the way up to the qausi government of the United nations has waiting for all humans and for us biblical Christians who will not take such and initiation or oath.

If you will notice that the universalist claim tolerance to all and for all but if you study them closely you will find that they have no tolerance of biblical Christianity and the biblical precepts of Hell and divine judgment or anyone who teaches or believes such things. If you study the New age Movement you will find they believe in evolution and believe that it is biblical Christians that are holding to the old ways of exlusivism and saying there is only one God and we are prohibiting then next spiritual step in evolution of men becoming literal gods. And again with pantheism, It seeks to absorb all other religious systems besides biblical Christianity because the two are incompatible so by necessary default the ones of the “wrong way of exclusivism ( saying Jesus or anything or anyone else is the only way)” must be extinguished and eliminated for its goal to become reality.

Go to any NAM bookstore and you will see it shelves are filled with books that say the world (mother earth or Gia) will kill the deadly infection that exclusivist have put on it. The mystical mother God will either kill us all or we will be “evacuated” from the planet by aliens to facilitate this leap into godhood. But if you study the occult, it clearly says that all Christians will be sacrificed to it’s Lord which they willing call Lucifer. Look into theosophy, other cultic groups and the Lucifer’s Trust, the publication arm of the UN that was started by luciferian Helen Blavotsky.

I have written all of this to hopefully convince you that the religion of universalism is not universal but rather anti-biblical Christianity. It joins in forces and ideology with the NAM/pantheism/occultic end times one world luciferian religion and world wide system.

The is a lotta groups and folks that cry tolerance but really seek in the end to destroy biblical Christianity and all who practice it. They can all be grouped under the umbrella or cloak of universalism without the bible as we know it today.

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