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 About 4 months ago I read a fascinating article. It was from a Charismatic Pastor. He detailed how some new people in his church started getting “Words of Knowledge” from the Lord,,, ya know a “thus sayeth The lord”,, about the pastor and the vision and mission of the church. In great detail he explained how one person got a “Word from God” that he was supposed to the pastor of that church,, not the current pastor.

After picking up a few supporters for his cause to overtake the pastorship of that church, it finally came to an all out war,, of words and deads. There was plotting and positioning and a host of unchristian like behavior. Then it came down to where the Pastor had to call for a church wide vote and an ultimatum was made by the current Pastor.

The Charismatic Pastor said (my paraphrase),,,

“I have called for a vote on who should be the pastor of this church. If you vote this man in,,, I will silently pack my office and serve the Lord somewhere else. BUT,,, if you vote me to remain Pastor,,, I will not serve in that capacity here unless this man and the people he has rallied to supported him to challenge my pastoralship of this church,,, are excommunicated and no longer allowed attendance here.”  

Fortunately the whole church walked the guy and his buddy’s right out the door. And the pastor still serves there. BUT this shows the inherent flaws of the charismatic non denominational system. IT IS EASILY HI-JACKABLE

Just like any guy can stand up and say,,, “Hey God told me I am supposed lead this church“,,, so can any freak come along and say “Hey,,,, God told me I am supposed to lead this movement. “

And my charismatic brothers and sisters,,, this is how the Word of Faith Movement has hi-jacked ya’lls Movement. 

As a denominational guy,, I was totally shocked when I read about the attempted take over coup at that charismatic church. I mean if I start a group, bible study, or anything like that,, it is considered a para-church group. NOT THE CHURCH. And it can never become the Church or a Church.

But In the Charismatic movement,,, anyone can start their own church. If I want to serve in my church in the capacity of Pastor,, I have to attend seminary. But If I where only a charismatic,, I could start my own church.

Maybe in a barn,, as Joel Osteen’s Dad did with Lakewood. Maybe in my “Mothers living room“,, as Creflo Dollar did with his World Changers Ministry and Church.

This is the inherent dangers of the Charismatic Movement. Subjectivity and experiences over the objective and never changing truths of Gods word. Which non charismatics believe is a closed cannon. AND God no longer uses prophets,, but speaks to every Christians heart. Cause he has written his law on them. The bible is good enough to thoroughly equip us for every good work. So we don’t need revelation Knowledge,, when the faith was once delivered.

But I digress back to my point. WHICH IS,, Concerning the WoF Movement.

As they say,, there is something rotten in Denmark. BUT here Denmark,,, is your back yard (if you are a charismatic),, there is also something really rotten in your front yard. And may I say with all due respect,, you charismatic guys have really let the Stinking Rot of the WoF movement almost take over your whole movement.

AND WHY? Cause the WoF Guys got their subjective,,, “Hey God told me to tell you” thing to. And who where you to question “a move of God” when the WoF guys showed up, took over and brought a few “new things” in.

Touch NOT the Lords anointed ya know????? Who ever plays the biggest TRUMP CARD wins.

I wished you guys would learn the doctrine of the priesthood of the believers and know that,,, if your not anointed,,, your not one of Gods kids. ALL BELIVERS are Anointed. You’re a priest of God and don’t need a Guru to tell you what the bible says or how to live the Christian life,, the Spirit of God and the Bible does that. (Exodus 19:5-6, First Peter 2:4-9, Revelation 1:4-6, 5:6-10, and many passages in the Epistle to the Hebrews.) AND YOUR ANNOINTED TOO!!! (2 Corinthians 1:20-22, 1John 2:26 and 27)

WELL,,, I don’t know what to say,,, except there is an inherent flaw in ya’lls Charismatic theology. I DON’T WANT TO HURT FEELINGS. But it appears to me that this leaves ya’ll open to so much heresy and false teaching to EASILY take over ya’lls movement.

And boy is it getting wierd over there in Charismatic Christianity. Even Charismatic Scholars such as Gordon Fee and J.Lee Grady (charisma magazine) can see it and are calling for Charismatics to “reign in the movement”. Come back to this blog,,, as I will be posting somethings from these guys.

The pink elephant and 800 pound Gorilla is in ya’ll house. When will you guys wake up,, as a mass movement,,, and kick them out. YOU BETTER HURRY UP, before they kick you out. And all traces of Historical Pentecostal Charismaticism disappears.

A very Concerned Non Charismatic Brother in Christ,

Damon Whitsell



  1. Totally agree with one point, the anointed bit. As a refugee from the WOF movement, this teaching is one of many that are used to “keep the flock in their place.” And yes, it is wrong. There is lots that is wrong. And there is nothing as sad as “dueling prophets”, “well the Lord told me” and then, “well sorry brother, the Lord told me..” — sad, sad, sad. But — I don’t think this is just a Charismatic issue. Churches split all the time over stupid, dumb, third grade reasons — not just Charismatic churches.

    And don’t dismiss churches that begin in places other than those adorned with steeples. Church is more about the people and not the building. So what if one starts in a barn, that doesn’t make it unworthy. Are house churches in Iran, China or Somolia less “churchy” because they are in someone’s basement?

    And like a friend of mine told me the other day, “so what if denominations fold up and disappear — does that change the fact that Jesus was crucified and resurrected?

    peace bro –Ubah

  2. as a charismatic i feel you’re exactly right. i support a model of church that would be more conciliar and episcopal. I know exactly what you mean, and think that in america the problem is that our culture has the resources for educated churches yet has glorified in subjective experience at the neglect of theological education. which has led to a church that’s forgotten how to be the church, and can only help to be dictated by america’s agenda. I think that operative sacraments, visible unity, charismatic fellowship, audible preaching and unified confession make the church the church, and without these working together, the church is lessened.

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