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The premise behind is exactly what the byline says at the top of every page: My family and I, and those who work with us in ministry, are calling on the man (Kenneth Copeland), his family, and ministry, to simply repent. As you proceed through this blog’s articles and videos—which begins on the Table of Contents page—you will readily see the redemption-focused nature of our efforts.

Further, since we have actually known and worked with Kenneth Copeland personally, our insights into his ministry and practices makes this public rebuke far different that those of others on the Internet.

To learn more about this website’s primary author beyond that which is already revealed within the text and videos of this blog, review my personal ministry blog at


Table of Contents

This particular Table of Contents page is designed to be your navigation system for the information on this blog. Utilizing the index further below you can easily navigate through the data herein following the logical order originally intended.

As you click on each linked title, a NEW window will open up (if your popup blocker does not disable it) which will then load with the text and video content of that particular page. When you are finished reviewing the information therein, you can close out that window and this window should still remain open… awaiting your next mouse click as you easily navigate throughout this entire Kenneth Copeland public rebuke and disclosure. Alternately, you may use the navigation tabs at the top of every page or the “Return to the Table of Contents” link at the bottom of each article.

Of course, there may be portions that you want to revisit and review once again. You may approach the material in this blog any way you like. However, we highly recommend that you proceed your first time in the suggested order below. The reason for this is that some of the later videos and text refer to information within previous posts of the list. Thus if you review everything in order first, you will then be able to click around to revisit specific topics with the assurance that you have the context of this entire blog already in mind.

To kick things off, we suggest you begin with the following introductory video (which is embedded twice using two different services, for redundancy). Then proceed with the Table of Contents listing below that:

Table of Contents Listing:

(Any titles below not yet linked to an actual article post are unfinished. They are listed here simply to indicate some of the topics that are still to come on Sign up for Email Updates to receive notice of when new material is added, or simply return to this page again at a future date.)

I. Introduction

II. The Mysterious Disappearance of Angel Flight 44

  • The Book, The Ministry, and The Men Involved (See my comments at the bottom of this WFAA news report for a preview of this topic.)
  • To be announced at a later date…
  • To be announced at a later date…

III. The Senate Finance Committee Investigation

IV. To be announced at a later date…

 V. To be announced at a later date…

VI. To be announced at a later date…






  1. We appreciate your article about our I noticed the traffic in our stats from here, and thought I would pop over to see who did me the courtesy. Thank you.

    One correction: I was never a paid employee of KCM or even a paid subcontractor. I volunteered to do the writing of the book, Angel Flight 44. I essentially “sowed” the approximate $60,000 worth of time, talent, and treasure, that went into its research and writing. So I worked WITH Kenneth Copeland…but not FOR him.

    But as a minister of the Gospel myself, I had to speak up about the sin that I discovered at KCM. As the website says, my family, supporters, and I are calling on Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry, to simply repent.

    Thank you again for pointing people our way so we can tell them what is going on…and what the Word of God says about it.

    Merry Christmas to all,

    -Rich Vermillion

  2. Your welcome Rich, may God bless you and the Copeland’s in this endeavor of love and repentance. I will certainly amend your correction to the post. I will also see if I can change the title a little bit to reflect the correction. TY

    Sorry for making the assumption. I will be glad to see your work unfold. I signed up for your mailing list to. AND I will probably be making several more post based on your writings and videos. TY again. And if you ever want t do some radio, I would be honored to have you on my radio show. God bless you Rich, and merry Christmas to you and your family. Damon Whitsell

  3. Not a problem Damon! Excellent revisions, by the way. Looks great. Thank you for making the changes. 🙂

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, and also the invitation. I will keep the latter in prayer for sure.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    -Rich Vermillion

    • david jones
    • Posted January 5, 2009 at 6:36 am
    • Permalink

    Rich, you know Kenneth Copeland is not going to change. He has way too much to risk. So, my question is, why are you attempting to get him to change via your website? Are your motives right? Is it to truly help people ensnared by him (and yes, i think he is the biggest snake out there) or are you doing it for selfish reasons (bring more traffic and donations to your website)? So, u need to answer that question. Think long and hard first before you answer. Don’t respond right way. Think, think, think long and hard.

  4. After reading Riches sites, I believe his motives are pure and clearly stated. I would question your motives before his. If Copeland was to repent, it would cause many to be released from the snare they are in. The bible says we are to judge ALL things except, a persons motives and eternal outcome. HOW can you claim to know a mans motives more than himself. ARE YA really so ignorant that you think Rich would embark on such a mission without grieving his spirit in the presence of God the very questions you ask. IF rich wanted money, he never would have departed with the man with a billionaire flow and anointing.

  5. Thank you Damon for your answer to David’s question above.

    David: There are NO offering buttons on the KC Blog website. There are NO offering buttons on my own personal ministry blog at I do NOT solicit donations in ANY way from either site.

    Moreover, both websites document these facts. Thus, if you would have taken the time to examine the sites before asking such critical questions, you would have found that your questions are already answered there.

    As Damon noted, my undertaking is neither enjoyable nor desirable. In fact, by taking a public stand against Copeland’s errors, I am effectively putting other ministers on “notice” that I am willing to expose blatant sin publicly (but let me note, NOT the human shortcomings of others, because I have plenty of those myself). So if you think I am seeking invitations to preach as a result of doing something like this, you are sadly ignorant of how things work in the U.S. church overall. (However, I am not looking for a place to preach any more than an offering, so I could not care less about that issue either. I have plenty of ministry projects to keep me busy.)

    Concerning your other point: It is rather irrelevant actually whether Copeland repents or not when you consider the context of Paul’s admonition to Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:19-21. The key point in that passage is that “others may fear” (and thus be warned). While it is my sincere hope that Copeland and his family will repent, it is my earnest expectation that many people will be protected from his errant influence as they learn of the issues I address (and thousands already have).

    Further, it is a fact (which again, is detailed on already) that the biblical process for turning others (especially elders) away from sin is first public rebuke, followed by public censure and shame, then hopefully godly sorrow, which can lead to repentance. If this is true (and I document on the blog from the Bible that is is) then you are essentially recommending that I let the man “go to hell” and care nothing about his soul, nor those of his family. Is that Bible love? I hope you would agree with me that it is not.

    Again, please review the two blogs in question before you assume poor motives on my part. I know that there is MUCH fraud and fakery being propagated among the church (especially inside the USA) but it seems that pessimism has gotten the best of you. In your comment above, you seem to be assuming that EVERYTHING being done by ministers (and thus, by me) is through impure motives. Please check the facts first, for Jesus said to judge the tree by its fruit. There are BOTH good trees and bad trees out there, and both types bear fruit that can be inspected. If you honestly check mine, I trust you will find it is good…and that I am honest in my attempts to expose Copeland’s own bad fruit.

    Damon, to his credit, has gone through my blogs in great detail. So I am truly blessed by his defense of our KC project because I know he has taken the time to check things out for himself first. That gives his evaluation of our project tremendous weight.

  6. YW Rich and TY very much for the responce to Davids questions.

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