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If all Mormons are Christians, then all Christians are Mormon

Mormons claim to be Christian yet deny the essentials of Christianity; namely, that there is one God, that forgiveness of sins is by grace alone, that there is a trinity, that Jesus is God, etc.

Mormonism teaches that there are many many gods but that Mormons should serve and worship only one of them, the one of this world. It teaches that forgiveness of sins is not by grace alone. It denies the Trinity doctrine which says there is one God in three persons and instead says that there are three separate gods. It does not proclaim that Jesus is God, but that Jesus is “a” god…. etc. Additionally, Mormons have secret temple rituals, even though the rituals have been done away with with the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Now, Mormons deny these basic Christian doctrines, yet they want to be called Christian because they say they believe in the same Jesus of the Bible, among other things. But when they speak of Jesus, they mean that Jesus is the brother of Satan, and you and I. They teach that we have all been born from god and his goddess wife who both have physical bodies of flesh and bones.

None of this is in the Bible and none of this is believed by Christians. But that has not stopped them from wanting to be called Christian.

So, since the Mormons deny basic Christian doctrine and claim to be Christian, then I can deny basic Mormon doctrine and be a Mormon. For example, I deny the following Mormon doctrines.


I deny that there are many many gods (Mormon Doctrine, by Bruce McConkie, page 163).

I deny that the trinity is three separate gods (Teachings of Prophet Joseph Smith page 370).

I deny that god is a man from another planet (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 6, page 3).

I deny that there is a goddess mother (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, page 443).

I deny that god is married to his goddess wife (Mormon Doctrine p. 516.).

I deny that god and his goddess wife have bodies of flesh and bones (Doctrine and Covenants, 130:22; Joseph Smith, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 6, p. 3.)

I deny that we were all born in the pre-existence (Journal of Discourse, Vol. 4, page 218; Articles of Faith, page 174).

I deny that Satan is my spirit brother (Mormon Doctrine, page 163).

I deny that I need a temple (Articles of Faith, page 138).

I deny that I have the potential of becoming a god (Articles of Faith, page 424).

I deny that the book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible (History of the Church, 4:461).

I deny that good works are necessary for salvation (Articles of Faith, pages 81, 92).

I deny that my own blood must atone for any of my sins ((Journal of Discourses, Vol. 3, page 247; see also, Vol. 4, pp. 53-54, 219-220).

Therefore, since the Mormons deny basic Christian doctrines and call them selves Christian, is it okay for me to deny basic Mormon doctrines and call myself a Mormon?




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    • DettriuS
    • Posted October 4, 2008 at 7:00 pm
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    Let me start by saying that I am a true Christian, through and through. I believe in Jesus and God. Though I agree with you on some points, logically, you could say then that Catholics are not Christians either. Neither are Christ-believing Jews.

    Catholics, for example, believe in praying to, worshiping, and venerating Saints – all actions which should be reserved for God only. The Vatican does NOT condone praying to Saints, but because it brings in money, they will say it’s not right but won’t stop people from doing it. So it seems if you give Saints for credit for receiving prayers or veneration, then Catholics are not Christian, they are Saintians.

    If the definition of a Christian is someone who simply believes in Christ then yes, Mormons, Catholics and all other “Christian” religions can claim it.

    From your other posts, it looks however that you are trying to defend Christ as YOU see Him. That’s all the other religions are trying to do, so your case is not something new. In fact, people have been doing it for thousands of years. Without malice, let me ask you this: what makes your opinion so much better than any other person or religion?

  1. —————————–
    HI DettriuS,,, YOU SAID “If the definition of a Christian is someone who simply believes in Christ then yes, Mormons, Catholics and all other “Christian” religions can claim it.”

    Everyone believes something about Jesus and that don’t make anyone a Christian. What makes a Christian a Christian is what they believe about Jesus and what he taught. The Jesus, Gospel and Spirit of Mormonism is NOT the same as the Jesus, Gospel and Spirit as Christianity.

    This sites purpose is clearly stated. “ (with a numeral 2) Ministries” main purpose is to honor and glorify the biblical historical Jesus Christ. To do this, the ministry takes a stand for the historical orthodox Christian faith and doctrine.”

    It is not about what I think or you think. It is about what is ORTHODOXY (Within the pale of what Jesus taught) and HETOERODOXY ( NOT Within the pale of what Jesus taught).

    It is this simple, Mormonism, among many other groups that came from the restoration movement, claims that Christianity has vanished from the earth and THEIR GROUP is the restored church and gospel.


    This blogpost shows that early Christian church Fathers DID NOT teach Mormon doctrine.

  2. You have absolute right to your opinions but your definitions and underlying assumptions are off if you are seriously trying to define what makes one sect ‘Christian’ just as the other commenter identifies.

    As one exercise to show that things are not as black and white as they appear I’ll take the list of LDS doctrines you deny and then put Biblical references where the LDS doctrine can at least be inferred, that’s not to say that these are or should be mainstream Christian readings, nor that the verse is the source of the LDS doctrine, nor that the LDS reading is the only correct reading but simply to show that there are alternative readings out there, and even if the majority has decided on a given interpretation, that does not mean that they have an exclusive right to the source book or to worshipping the God described in the book:

    I deny that there are many many gods. (Matt 3, we have Jesus in the water, John seeing the Spirit of God descended as a dove, and a voice from heaven saying “This is my Beloved Son.” The logical person off the street would say you have 4 people or personages in that story, 3 of them being Gods. Rev. 1:5-6 Jesus had made us kings and priests unto God and his Father. Is Jesus speaking about himself in the third person or is there a possible inference that God the Father of Jesus also has a Father. It’s a possible reading.)

    I deny that the trinity is three separate gods (same baptism scene, Mt. of transfiguration a voice from heaven, is Jesus a ventriloquist? Who does Jesus pray to in the high priestly prayer? Stephen seeing Jesus on the right hand of God.)

    I deny that god is a man from another planet (John 8:23 Jesus saying he is “not of this world”)

    I deny that there is a goddess mother (Increasingly research is showing that there may have been a female counterpart to the ancient Hebrew gods of Jehovah and Elohim, Dever’s Did God have a Wife?)

    I deny that god and his goddess wife have bodies of flesh and bones (Luke 24:39 Handle me and see for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have. Why go through all the trouble to raise your body from the dead if you only shed it again? Is not his own resurrection the greatest miracle of Jesus? Did he not say that he did nothing but what he had seen the Father do?)

    I deny that we were all born in the pre-existence (Eccl 12:7 spirit shall return to the God who gave it. continual reference to us as the sons of God, Jer. 1:5 before God formed him in the belly “I knew thee”.)

    I deny that I need a temple (John 3:5 Except a man be born of the water and the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus himself being baptized to “fulfill all righteousness.” What is to be of the billions of people who lived and died and were never baptized? Mal 3:1 using language indicating the second coming says God shall suddenly come to his temple. Where will it be? what would people be doing in it before he arrives suddenly?)

    I deny that I have the potential of becoming a god (1 John 3:1-2, we are the sons of God, and although we cannot yet see what we shall be, when he appears we shall be like him).

    I deny that good works are necessary for salvation (James 2, Jesus telling the rich young man that he will have no place with him, Matt 7:23 those who profess but do not live his teaching and do works of righteous, “I never knew you” “depart from me”).

    Again, my point is not to argue these particular passages, but simply to illustrate that the actual text of the Bible allows for multiple interpretations. Trying to say one interpretation is less “Christian” than another and doing so in a manner of slander and smearing is perhaps more telling than the verses themselves.

  3. —————————-

    HI Dave, I will soon respond to all of your categorical responses.

    But at this point I must point out to the readers that you have not denied or challenged the premise of the post, that being, Mormons are Mormons because they believe Mormon doctrine. Christians are Christian because they believe what the biblical Jesus and the NT apostles taught (Orthodox mainline Christian doctrine).

    If all Mormons are Christian, then all Christians are Mormon, would be absolutely true of “Mormonism is just a Christian denomination” as it is often promoted. BUT IF THE LINES ARE NOT BLURRED, anyone can look and see that Mormonism and Christianity are about as different as different can get.

    By tomorrow, We will look at what else the bible says about your “possible interpretations” of the verses you have cited.

    Thank for your response and time. Damon


  4. ————————

    Hi Dave, I did not get a chance to respond to your comments Sunday evening and my Mom had surgery yesterday. So it will be a few days before I can sit down and look into the feasibility of your “possible interpretations”.

    There are hundreds of Verses that Cults twist to claim support for their doctrines.

    I would recommend to you ( and the other readers) a book called,,

    Correcting the Cults: Expert Responses to Their Scripture Twisting by Norman L. Geisler & Ron Rhodes

    (From back cover.)”Why do so many flock to these perversions of Christianity? And how can we reason with them to help them see that Jesus is the only way to eternal life?

    “In Correcting the Cults, Norman L. Geisler and Ron Rhodes identify and respond to the misuse of Scripture by adherents of various religions seeking validation for their own particular doctrines. After a thorough introduction on understanding the nature and character of cults, they proceed through the Bible book by book, highlighting prominent texts that have been taken out of context and misinterpreted.

    ‘Clearly, Christians must take the cultic threat seriously and learn to defend Christianity in the face of the onslaught,’ write the authors. This comprehensive and accessible resource will lead you into a deeper understanding of authentic Christianity and enable you to help and witness to those who have been swayed by the influence of the cults and new religions that are so prominent on the American scene.”


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