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A kabbalahist named ALLA SAID:  I have no idea what a kabbalahist is? But, you can ask k231 how false I am in that. I am gifted in kabbalah. There is no ‘is’ because it is not a religion.

Kabala is very much a religion because it deals with religious matters! Being the creation, God or theology, man and his relation to God and the creation and the destiny of a mans soul (matters of the spirit). Kabala is not just a philosophical system as Buddhism is, with no god (panatheism). The occultic objective of kabala is to enlighten men to their so called ‘rightful place among the universal/collective soul’ AKA godhood. Kabala is pantheism, the belief that all things are god. It is often expressed this way,, ‘God is all, all is God’ And enlightenment (illumination as ALLA says) to this is called ‘self realization’, among many other terms. Another way to refer to pantheism is monism, the belief that all things are one.

Kabala, like all other traditions of pantheism are totally contradictory to Christianity. CS Lewis and other theologians have said,,,, there is only two religions in the world.. Pantheism,, which seeks to absorb all other religions into its self,,, and is diametrically and emphatically opposed to Christianity. Then there is Christianity, which says that all men are sinners in need of a Savior,,, and Jesus is the only avenue (way) and option (name by which ALL men must be saved) for mans salvation from his fallen and depraved state,,,,, which has him alienated from God’s presence. (This is my paraphrase, I could not find the quote). Kabala is pantheism and pantheism is the antithesis of Christian theism,, they are totally incompatible.

The main reason people are attracted to pantheism is the idea of exaltation to godhood or ‘CHRIST’ status! But there is also another big reason why people are attracted to pantheism. While I could not find the CS Lewis quote I was looking for,,, I found one that gives insight into why people are so willing to believe in pantheism. Mr. Lewis says,, “The Pantheist’s God does nothing, demands nothing. He is there if you wish for Him, like a book on a shelf. He will not pursue you.”55.C.S. Lewis, Miracles p.93


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