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This past week, Lighthouse Trails learned that a Saddleback apologist contacted IPOWER, the web hosting company for Apprising Ministries (a Purpose Driven critic), threatening IPOWER with legal action. This resulted in IPOWER notifying Apprising Ministries that they would shut down the website if a request to remove certain material was not complied with in 48 hours (by Saturday night). IPOWER has a policy statement on their website, which states they will take “corrective action” against websites that post “controversial” material.

As a private company, IPOWER has the right to refuse service to anyone whom they wish; however, given the controversial nature of many websites and blogs and with a customer base of over 700,000 sites, IPOWER will need to shut down thousands of websites, if they treat all of them in the same manner as Apprising Ministries.

There is growing concern among many Christian believers that the time is soon coming, largely because of hate crime legislation, when websites and ministries that challenge and critique popular and non-biblical religious movements (e.g. Purpose Driven, the emerging church, the New Age movement) will be shut down. A prime example, which has warranted growing concern, is that of MacGregor Ministries in Canada, who was recently informed by the Canadian government that they were being stripped of their non-profit status because they violated Canadian regulations that state non-profits cannot say other religions are wrong (constituting this to be hateful behavior).

Because the long-term implications of IPOWER’s actions could set a precedent with other hosting companies (a precedent that could ultimately affect many voices who stand for the truth and the Gospel), Lighthouse Trails considers this current action to be of a very serious nature. Lighthouse Trails wrote a letter on July 25th to IPOWER, expressing our concerns. (Click here to read.)

Update: On July 26th, Apprising Ministries website was shut down.




Hello ya’ll,

I don’t want to be an alarmist or anything but you all know that new “hate speech” laws have recently went into effect in America and around the rest of the western world. We often here of Pastors being censored in America and Canada. It has been about a month since I listened to the Jay Sekulo (ACLJ) show but he was harping about new laws that may be used to shut him and similar radio ministries down. I assumed it would be while before this affected the WWW.

But because of new pressures to web hosting companies, an apologist for the Saddleback Church was able to levy this new law to silence and censor one it’s critiques. Saddleback is Rick Warrens Church. Ya’ll all know him as the author of the “Purpose Driven” series of Christian book. If you have not done any study about the purpose driven material, you may be surprised to find out it is not very Christian and that it’s doctrines are more NEW AGE than anything. This mussling of their critics proves the Spirit of the individual and the movement itself. You may also know that the “purpose driven” material is classified as part of the “OUTCOME BASED RELIGION” or the “EMERGING OR EMERGENT CHURCH MOVEMENT“.

The shutting down of this Christian apologetic site could just be an isolated incident or it could start a trend. The way in which this happened is very unchristian like. Read the following article to show the motives. Poof! Apprising Ministries Online is Now Dark

I spent about 6 hrs making a page for outcome based religion and gathering related articles, video and book links. I will be working a couple of more hours on it as I found many more articles that I need to sift through and put on the page. I will be putting a “send this page to a friend” hot link for you to forward to anyone, if you wish. There is more info here than you need so I will be put them in order from most important to least soon. You can visit the page @

If you don’t know about “outcome based religion”, please study some of these materials and tell others about the false doctrine and politically correctness aspect of this worldly ecumenical movement.

Sincerely, IJN, IHS

Damon Whitsell

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  2. Hi Christian, This is Damon. I manage this blog and the site Please check out the main site. It has alotta resources.

    I am not much on giving personal advice. But I can tell you what I think the bible says about dating. But I have been up all night and need to get some sleep first so that I will give you a good render of Scripture on the subject.

    Hey thanks so much for the complements. I hope I can say something that will help you. Being single and dating is a complicated thing. God bless and have a good night until tomorrow. 🙂

    PS, Your comment was in my spam box. I don’t know for how long, so sorry if I am late posting your comment.

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